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These pages are posted for our mutual enjoyment. Comments are welcome, but slamming is definitely not. I do this for fun (Websters Dictionary: "provides amusement or enjoyment, implies a lack of serious or ulterior purpose"). I try not to take it too seriously. I usually have several projects going and these take much time away from the layout. I go into the layout room to relax and forget about deadlines and meaningful accomplishments. So enjoy the page, but be ready for long stretches between updates. If the pace I work at or anything else lights your fuse, take the sour grapes elsewhere one is interested. Hey, like Model Railroader used to say, "Model Railroading is Fun" ...right?


Update, December 2017!

I have finally updated the page on my layout, The South River and Millville.

You will find it much easier to navigate and I will be working to keep the photos up to date.

Our current layout is housed above the shop. It was started in about 2000. The theme is a New England Single track mainline running peddlar freights though the hill and mill towns. The Hoosac Valley is one of the best layouts in the country and certainly our favorite. This work of art has taken four decades to (almost) finish. Completed once and moved, it changes,grows, matures and always entertains us. Our HON30 layout: This was our first layout. It was constructed over a five year period while I was on the move. It got some good press and is now in the hands of another owner.